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010: Christopher Khayman Lee

I had no idea that Christopher Khayman Lee, the red Power Ranger in Power Rangers in Space, is actually Chyler Leigh's (Lexie Grey) brother! Not until I found out about it recently in Wikipedia. (Yeah, I know. I spend too much time there, lol.)

It's weird because I used to be all over Power Rangers when I was little. The best out of the series was definitely Mighty Morphin, but I did watch the Space one too. And the red ranger, Andros, was actually my favourite, LOL. And he was Christopher Khayman Lee! Chyler Leigh's brother! Apparently, they both don't use their last name, which is Potts.

Though, if I think about it, they do have similar kind of round eyes.

It's really difficult to get ahold of a picture of him on the net. :/

I have to admit that she looks older that she actually is in this photoshoot. :/
Though, Chyler Leigh is real pretty, I must say.

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